Webinar – How to use AI and Behavioural Science to power your CX and marketing strategies

Are you looking to take your CX and marketing strategies to the next level?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about leveraging AI and behavioural science and aren’t sure where to start. Look no further than this upcoming webinar on “How to use AI and behavioural science to power your CX and marketing strategies.”

Simply Energy’s General Manager of Customer Experience and Growth, Allison Dorogoj, shares the journey her team has been on to improve their CX and marketing outcomes. Their experience with implementing customer retention tactics will give you a deeper understanding of how to apply AI and BS at scale.

Listen to the webinar to learn:

  1. When investing in AI will give your business guaranteed ROI
  2. Why fusing AI and behavioural science can more effectively shift customer behaviour
  3. How to integrate AI and behavioural science into your CX and marketing strategies to accelerate change


Listen to the webinar on the SmartMeasures YouTube channel webinar here.

Link to download industry report here SmartMeasures-Webinar-Industry-Report-July2023

We at SmartMeasures are helping our clients take their CX and marketing strategies to the next level. If you would like to know more, get in touch.