Meet the AI platform that puts your data to work

SmartMeasures uses a combination of AI and behavioural science, to reduce customer churn and customer debt in a way that delivers happy customers and improves your business’ bottom line.


Our solutions


Churn Reduction


Drive revenue and deal with customer churn head-on.

  • Know your customers – even those who haven’t contacted you
  • Slash millions from your customer churn bill
  • SmartMeasures is a systematic solution that is always on and always learning


Debt Reduction


Get in early to change payment behaviour and save customers from drowning in debt.

  • Improved customer engagement
  • Proactively support vulnerable customers
  • Improve cashflow
  • Know your customer debt types

“I think that’s what has really changed with the SmartMeasures approach. We now have very tailored and hyper-personalised treatment plans that are not just segment tailored or market tailored. It’s a model that learns and gets better over time, unlike our work with propensity models.”


Andrea Bernard
General Manager Marketing & Sales | Simply Energy


“Many customers are forced to prioritise other expenses when facing rising costs, leading to delayed payments. To address this and proactively reach out before accounts become delinquent, we sought a more sophisticated approach.

While our existing dunning and collections strategies achieved results across various customer segments, we aimed to add a layer of intelligence. This is where implementing a predictive model became a natural next step.”


Joel Arnold
Head of Credit Risk & Collections | ENGIE

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