Meet our team

Mike Crooks

Co-founder & CTO

With a history in both running previous startups and senior roles in large corporations, Mike brings a wealth of experience to the team. He has a background in AI that stretches back to the the days of the old AI hype curves, and marries that experience with a passion to deliver and maximise the benefit realisation we deliver to clients that adopt our technology.

Mike is a firm believer that large companies are not doing enough with their existing data to improve the relationship with their customers and that a combination of skillsets is required to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Libby Dale

Co-founder & CCO

Libby Dale is a digital professional passionate about all things related to clever technology for business, especially where caring for customers is concerned. After over 30 years in large enterprise, Libby co-founded SmartMeasures with Mike Crooks and they created ground-breaking solutions that combine AI with behavioural science to help large companies manage customer numbers and customer debt.

The SmartMeasures churn reduction solution has been helping companies with churn since 2018 and the debt reduction solution was launched in 2023.

Rebecca Wilson

Behavioural CX Specialist

Rebecca is continuously inspired and intrigued by the behaviour of humans, particularly how they interact with one another in an organisational setting, either as customers or team members.

Working with SmartMeasures is the perfect fusion of her skills in business psychology, behavioural science, strategy development and executive and leadership coaching. She brings experience with a range of small and big businesses in the public and private sector across multiple regions.

Andy Zetlan

Senior VP, Business Development

Andy is an experienced business development executive and management consultant who has served the utility industry over decades. His broad experience focuses on the intersection of information technology and utilities, the evolving utility industry and its economics, customer management, asset and work management, distributed energy resources, demand management and microgrids. Andy has spent over 50 years in his career, working for a utility, for utility industry consultancies, and for technology firms who serve the industry. He also advises start-up companies in the utility and other industries.

Andy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is often a presenter for industry seminars regarding the future of the utility industry in an evolving world and the impact on consumers, on safety, on efficiency / effectiveness, and on a variety of other issues. He has served on the faculty at the University of Delaware and has spent time in the wine industry.

Andy has both a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Applied Science from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, and an MBA from the University of Delaware in Newark, DE.

Cameron Biggelaar

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) & Advisory Board

An Entrepreneur at heart, IT professional and People leader I’m passionate about changing the consumer and business landscape through technology, design and process. I specialize in understanding the business problem and getting to expedient and appropriate solutions over a broad range of industries.

I believe that delivery success requires a good understanding of the commercial context, excellent communications, and great design over a range of disciplines of customer experience, service design, architecture and project delivery. My work ethic takes a pragmatic value delivery approach (cost/benefit) and I never shy away from a challenge.

Industries: Medtech, Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, Automotive, Telecommunications, Banking, Health, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Fintech

Maria Digregorio

Advisory Board

Formerly Chief Financial Officer of the Salvation Army, and a Director at Telstra, Maria is a highly experienced IT and Finance professional with a BA (Econ) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing.

Maria’s extensive financial expertise and her wealth of experience in top-tier corporate positions provide invaluable guidance to the SmartMeasures team, empowering us to create and implement solutions that directly influence our clients’ bottom line. Her insights are instrumental in shaping solutions that consistently yield substantial and favourable business results for our clients.

Our partners

Skipping Stone is our global marketing partner.

Skipping Stone Partners are all former CEOs and energy entrepreneurs who have successfully built and grown energy and technology businesses. Their global team of over 300 resources and partners all have energy market experience. They work with a wide variety of energy companies globally to assess markets and opportunities – shape strategies – develop and implement strategic plans. SkippingStone differs from other energy consultants because they are willing to partner to launch a new business unit, product line, or international market expansion with clients and to share in the risks and rewards.

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