Our story

SmartMeasures co-founders Mike Crooks and Libby Dale merging AI with Behavioural Science to tackle the challenges of customer churn and customer debt for large enterprises.

Starting Out

In 2007, our co-founders, Mike and Libby, collaborated on a major customer engagement project during their corporate days. Over the years, they realised three key insights that they would later weave into SmartMeasures:

  1. First, internal company operational data is largely untapped and the potential to use it for assisting customers and improving business performance is significant.
  2. Second, a vendor often supplies technology intended to enable the best business outcomes, but the enterprise still needs to run it proficiently to extract that value.
  3. The third key observation was, extracting value from AI for large organisations can be challenging, so a low-risk option to test and learn with expert support is required before deploying more broadly.

With Mike’s long history in AI and Libby’s focus on customer service technology, they envisioned a platform that could use AI to leverage vast amounts of internal data to predict customer behaviours, get in early before the problem escalates, and utilise behavioural science to change behaviours toward desired outcomes and deliver it in a manner that ensures business benefits are achieved.

Leaving corporate life behind in 2015, they embarked on a journey to bring this vision to life. They persevered despite facing challenges, including the initial idea not panning out. They emerged stronger and smarter thanks to their participation in Melbourne University’s Accelerator Program: Velocity.

Founding SmartMeasures

In 2017, SmartMeasures was born, marking the realisation of Mike and Libby’s vision.  They launched their first product, a Customer Churn Prediction & Treatment solution, as a managed service in 2018 and their second product, a Customer Debt Prediction & Treatment solution in 2023.

Our Approach

At SmartMeasures, we’re reinventing customer engagement. Our AI-driven solutions utilise cutting-edge technology to predict customer behaviours and employ ‘nudge’ theory to guide them towards desired outcomes. Whether preventing churn or encouraging timely bill payments, our platform proactively nudges customers in the right direction.

Unlike a traditional AI software company, we’re not just handing over the keys and crossing our fingers for success. We’re dedicated to ensuring our clients reap the benefit, so our engagement is a managed service and we actively partner with our clients to deliver results that far exceed the investment.

To avoid the risk that comes with implementing AI projects in large enterprise, SmartMeasures offers what they call a Proof of Value: a low risk, safe method to allow clients to prove the returns exist for their business before an ongoing commitment.

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