Customer Churn Cost Savings Calculator

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Things to include in customer replacement costs:

  • customer acquisition and onboarding cost
  • cost of removing the lost customer
  • revenue lost until replaced

Churn snapshot

{{annualLostCustomers | currency:"":0}}customers lost
every year

Costing your business:

{{annualRevenueLost | currency:"$":0}}annual revenue lost from churned customers
{{annualReplacementCost | currency:"$":0}}annual replacement cost of lost customers

Savings with SmartMeasures

Typically, customer churn can be reduced by 10%.
This is delivered through prediction accuracy of greater than 70% and Treatment actions by your team that achieve 15% success.
Impact made on customer churn{{showImpactSlider?'hide impact slider':'change impact'}}
{{savedCustomers | currency:"":0}}customers saved annually
{{savedReplacementCost | currency:"$":0}}annual cost saving

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