Winner of the prestigious Business 3000+ Award

SmartMeasures is thrilled to announce that we are this year’s winner of highly regarded Alan Knipe Innovation Award and the BlueRock Business of the Year Award, making us the overall winner of Melbourne’s premier awards for small business, Business 3000+.

B3000 Awards

The Alan Knipe Innovation Award recognises the significant strides we have made in the area of churn predictive software.

SmartMeasures has been the culmination of many years of work in and with large businesses.  The main premise behind the creation of SmartMeasures is that businesses have all the information and data needed to be able to tell how they are treating individual customers and to be able to read and measure customer sentiment.  But to date it has been difficult for large businesses to break out of their silos and measure all that data at the individual customer level.

Customer churn is a huge cost to business and an upset for customers, so by reducing customer churn, SmartMeasures has the potential to help businesses retain revenue and reduce pain for customers.

This is particularly relevant in 2018, given that customer attrition and turnover continue to have a significant impact on the business bottom line. No-one is immune to it, not even the largest and most successful organisations.

Our SmartMeasures software enables businesses to very accurately predict if their customers are on the verge of leaving (or at the very least, are thinking about leaving) and to instantly and automatically take action before an irritation becomes a full-blown problem and they leave.

No-one else is doing this, not even leading data scientists in multi-national operations. They may have all the information and data needed to tell them how their organisations are treating individual customers and to read and measure changes in customer sentiment, but this is happening within a few silos and doesn’t incorporate automating the action of reaching out to ‘save’ customers.

So far no other providers are delivering a closed loop system to incorporate the treatment of the ‘at-risk’ customers and feeding the results back to maximise benefits.

Rather than take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to managing risk, SmartMeasures enables users to intervene on a case by case basis and apply treatment plans to suit the level and type of risk detected.  This cuts out the annoyance for customers placed in a generic retention campaign that had little or no relevance to them.

SmartMeasures takes customer centricity to the next level.

Winning the Alan Knipe Innovation Award gives us that all important recognition and third party validation that what we are doing is right, the industry ‘thumbs up’ that what we have developed is unique and innovative.

There is nothing more powerful than that!


*The Business 3000+ Awards is Melbourne’s premier awards program for small business. Since 2004, the B3000+ Awards have been recognising and celebrating the endeavours and achievements of independent businesses located within the City of Melbourne that contribute to the commercial success and unique, vibrant fabric of the City.

Thank you to the sponsors StarRez, BlueRock, Small Business Victoria and Melbourne Business Network


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