More effective churn prediction using AI and cross-silo data. Reduce customer churn with better churn prediction and see benefits being delivered in as little as 3 months.

Health at a glance

See health scores for your entire customer base. Customer ‘at risk’ alerts are automatically triggered for either email or to an outbound service call from the ‘saves’ to reach out to the customer before they leave.

Break down your silos

Collect customer level data from across the entire business on – network outages, billing errors, usage data and behavioural data – into a consolidated customer health score.

Service efficiency

Health scores and alerts show you who needs attention and who doesn’t so you can prioritise service resources and do more with less.

Real-time insights to action

Data is collected and measured in real-time, so alerts are triggered the instant a change is detected and Treatment Plans are triggering to reach out before the customer leaves. Change your business from a system specific focus to a customer specific focus.

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