Service efficiency

SmartMeasures takes customer centricity to the next level with health scores and alerts to show you who needs attention and who doesn’t. Now you can prioritise service resources and do more with less.

Give your call centre agents x-ray vision

Agents can see the health score for all customers giving them the full picture of each customer’s circumstances and deep dive into the actual pain points effecting that customer. Every customer conversation becomes contextual, customers with feel understood.

Anticipate when customers will become unhappy

Get early warning that customers are not happy and reach out to them with customised Treatment Plans before they leave.

Happy customers mean happy call centre agents

Your service team are in the driver’s seat with SmartMeasures. They can see what contributes to individual customer health scores and how each customer experiences your business.

Shift from risk mitigation to risk avoidance

Behavioural data and operational impacts data show you what is inflicting the most pain on customers so you can put programs in place to eliminate and reduce the problem at the source.

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