Energy retailers

Make more profit through Customer Retention. Keep the customers you have and reduce the hunt for new business to replace those customers who have churned.

External data for better Customer Health Measure

Moving house is a big cause of customer churn for energy retailers. SmartMeasures collects data from external sources for better customer churn prediction.

Collect behavioural data for customer health assessment

  • On time payment discounts
  • Discount period expiry
  • Bill smoothing
  • Direct debit
  • Signed up for online account management

Reach out to save customers before they leave

Get early warning that customers are not happy and reach out to them with customised Treatment Plans before they leave.

Automate your retention activity

Your customer retention activity doesn’t have to drain your resources. Automate your customer contact with customised Treatment plans to suit low touch and ‘tech touch’ customers.

Want to know how SmartMeasures can reduce customer churn for Energy Retailers?

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