Happy customers = Happy agents

Happy customers = Happy agents

SmartMeasures tells you which of your customers are about to leave and how you can keep them.

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What SmartMeasures does

Predict customer churn

Smart AI takes the data you’ve always collected but not been able to leverage and transforms it to predict the health of individual customers. Your retention efforts are not only accurate but specifically targeted to at-risk customers.

Accuracy you can act on

Get a 360-degree view of customer health, we look at your entire customer base and collate data from every area of your business, around 500 data points per customer, enabling prediction accuracy to be extremely high.

Help you save your business money

Knowing when customers are likely to churn before they realise it themselves, means you can take action to retain them. Retain revenue and remove customer acquisition costs. Early intervention before a customer stop ‘liking you’, means reduced complaints, less negative advocacy.

How it works

SmartMeasures Explorer

See the health of your whole customer base at a glance

Focus your resources where they are really needed. Identify customers who are most at-risk, to give them a personalised and relevant service experience with all the data at your fingertips.

Treatment Plans

Reach out before they leave

When a customer becomes a churn risk, alerts trigger Treatment Plans in real-time enabling you to reach out before your customer even thinks about leaving. Design your Treatment Plans based on the risk factors and customer segment.

Customer Health Reports

Give your agents x-ray vision

Drill into individual Customer Health Reports to see the churn factors in their health score. Take customer centricity to the next level and enable your service team to see each customer’s health to prioritise and personalise customer contact. Now you can prioritise service resources and do more with less.

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