Customer retention is the new growth engine

SmartMeasures helps you to be pro-active about customer retention.

What does SmartMeasures give you?

See the health of every customer at a glance

Customer health is measured by calculating churn risk from disparate signals about your customer’s experiences inside and outside your business.  These signals are used to build Measures that combine to predict the health of individual customers.

This gives you new insights about who is at risk and who is happy so you can focus those who need attention.

Predict customer churn and take immediate action

Know when your customers are going to churn before they do. Because SmartMeasures is constantly assessing your customers’ interactions, real-time alerts and treatment plans are automatically triggered so you can get in touch before it’s too late.

Treatment plans are how you reach out to customers at risk to stop them from leaving.  They can range from low touch, such as an email, through to high touch, like queuing a case to your service teams for an outbound call.  Treatment plans can be designed to meet your customer service strategy.

Increase revenue and profit

Increase revenue by retaining more customers and selling more to your happier customers.  When you keep more of your customers you increase lifetime value and reduce the effort required to acquire and onboard new customers making life easier for everyone.

According to Gartner, “Better (customer) experience costs less to compensate, costs less to serve, costs less to retain, is less price sensitive, and is more likely to promote or recommend.” So it makes perfect sense to keep your customers happy!

How SmartMeasures works

1. Collect & Anonymise

Combine relevant data from across your:

  • CRM system
  • Billing platform,
  • Service desk,
  • Contact centre and
  • Operational systems, as well as
  • Data from third party sources

2. Analyse & Predict

The data collected is used to build Measures that combine to predict the health of individual customers.  These predictions can be tested against historic churn data and tuned to improve accuracy.

AI is applied to the collection of Measures to discover insights not previously known or understood.

3. Save & Learn

When a customer becomes a churn risk, alerts trigger Treatment Plans enabling you to reach out before your customer leaves.  Treatment Plans are designed based on the risk factors and customer segment.

Service agents are supported through the SmartMeasures dashboard and individual customer health reports which identify the factors that have triggered the alert.

See how SmartMeasures can work for your business today.

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