Full Stack Developer

The SmartMeasures team is growing. We are an AI startup company looking for an aspiring full stack software engineer with cloud experience (preferably Azure) to join our growing team. SmartMeasures has a core belief that large companies can do more to keep their customers happy and we are looking for someone who shares our view.

This is not a typical full stack role, rather you will have the opportunity to develop your skills across a wider range of technologies. This position supports existing AI solutions in production and further develops the SmartMeasures AI product.

Are you an aspiring full stack engineer or data curious? Do you love the future promise of AI and want to see it applied in a human centric way to solve real business problems? We are looking for a recent graduate, someone who’s a self-starter interested in joining a growing AI technology company.

You will need to have PR and up to 2 years professional experience and skilled in:

  • Python
  • Front end (Javascript, HTML, REACT)
  • Unix scripting
  • Python-based data processing

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The following must be answered with your submission:

  1. Confirm you are an Australian Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen
  2. Supply your LinkedIn Profile link
  3. Tell us what attracted you to the role
  4. Tell us why you think you are the ideal candidate for this role
  5. Send us your CV
  6. Answer the following technical question:
    You have a csv file that is too big to read into memory.
    The file contains a log of every time a customer accesses your system.
    Each row has a customer id and a datetime field.
    You need to use python to find the most recent date for each customer.
    What approach would you take and say why:

    1. Use python to read fixed size chunks into memory then process each chunk
    2. Split the file into multiple csv files containing a fixed number of rows then process each file.
    3. Use dask to read the file and find the most recent date per customer
    4. Use pandas to read the file and find the most recent date per customer

Download the JD here – Full Stack Software Developer

Submit your application via email to [email protected]